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FOX is a new restaurant concept by Danny Fox.

It features an energetic open kitchen centering around 2 pieces of kit, a feature wood-burning Pizza oven and an open-fire grill taking centre stage for all to see. It’s a concept based on the beauty of ‘Wood-fired’ cooking techniques, and takes you back to an ideal  of serving amazing products simply and well.

Situated in the heart of Hale Barns on ‘The Square’ development alongside Booths supermarket and Fired Earth, we enjoy the benefit of easy car parking for up to 170 cars! So forget trying to struggle to find a space in Hale, Knutsford or Alderley edge, come today, park with ease and enjoy


The combination of wood, fire, smoke, salt and meat is probably the first recipe discovered by man. Move on a couple of centuries, and it is still the healthiest way to eat any form of protein. The cooking over raw flame and intense heat produces the most miraculous transformation in all cuisine.

Classic cuts of meat and fish will then adorn the feature grill, kissed by fire over open embers is simply the best way to enjoy great steaks, chicken or fish.

Our Beef is all Black Angus cattle, locally sourced from Cheshire and Shropshire and aged for 35 days.

All our fish and shellfish are responsibly caught from sustainable sources. Be it native lobster from the west coast of Scotland or hand dived scallops from Barra, we go to great lengths to ensure we get the best fish daily.



The beauty of Sourdough is it does the work for you! As a result of the ‘long fermentation process’ (it takes at least 36 hours for our Sourdough to prove) the enzymes do all the hard work for you and break down the gluten and the starch delivering a highly digestible, low G.I. bread, which is much easier on the body, and gives you a light, crispy base to enjoy with incredible toppings.

Our Sourdough pizzas are soft and chewy in parts and blistered and crackled in others from the heat of the wood-burning oven.

We’ve created fresh takes on classic pizza standbys as well as original inventions showcasing innovative, seasonal and local ingredients.


The drinks menu showcases craft beers as well as well known names in both bottle and draught.

Our cocktail list celebrates the ‘classics’ combined with some bespoke “Signature” creations formulated by the team.

We also have an exceptional wine list to suit all tastes and pockets! Great examples of varietals served by the glass and bottle, combined with some amazing wines from America & New Zealand as well as the “Old World”.

Or if you fancy something special we have a “Fine and Rare Fox” list with wines from Tignanello, Sassicaia or Gaja, we have a great selection, just ask your server for details.

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To book simply click the Book Now button and our booking screen will appear for you to fill in your information, simply choose your date, time and number of covers.


We only accept bookings online of up to 6 guests, if you require more or can’t find availability, please call 0161 980 3000 and speak to our reception team to assist you.

We always hold our ‘kitchen counter’ seats away from the booking system, every session, everyday, so we always have space to accommodate those who prefer to just drop in! Come and join us for a cocktail and sit at the best seats in the house watching our Grill and Pizza chefs in action, up close. These seats are perfect for parties of 1, 2 or 3.



We want to say thank you for choosing FOX, and give
something back to reward you.

As well as exclusive invitations, birthday benefits and special
offers, you will earn 1 point for every £1 spent on food or drink
at FOX. So for example spend £200 and you’ll earn 200 points
equating to £10 credit on your card.

See our Terms and Conditions

Fillet steak, fat chips, peppercorn sauce

FOX Coffee

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, second only, to crude oil. With that in mind I wanted to find a coffee bean that delivered an amazing espresso but at the same time ensured that it was Rainforest Alliance Certified.

This means our 100% Arabica beans, that come from Fortaleza in Brazil, are farmed to conserve wildlife, safeguard soils & waterways and protect workers, their families and local communities.

We are proud to be involved, we hope you enjoy our blend.

Mineral Water

Many restaurants will choose a water to suit them. At FOX I wanted to know our water was of amazing quality but also gave something back.

In developing countries over 748 Million people, yes thats really 748 million, cannot access clean water?

By choosing to supply ‘Thirsty Planet’ water I know a fixed donation from every bottle we purchase goes to “Pump Aid”, and so in turn when you choose to buy Thirsty Planet water you can help and save the lives of millions.

FOX Products

On developing FOX I wanted to keep everything as pure as I could. I went to great lengths to source our own Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans and ensure our water purchases helped and gave back to people with no access to clean water, and this lead me onto my “Bathroom” products.

There are so many “additives” in our daily household products these days, its a scary read if you turn over that bottle and read the label. At FOX we’ve developed our products to be good to you and not work against what mother nature has given us. Our products are all Paraban free. These nasty additives can really affect people who are susceptible to common skin irritations and allergies. Sulphates have been found to break down the skins natural protein making cells leading to degeneration! For that reason all our products are Paraban and Sulphate (SLS) free.

We have created a sensuous ‘FOX blend’ to arouse your senses and cleanse:

Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Lime Oil is our gift to you.

The natural oils in Oranges help to moisturise the skin.

Patchouli promotes a smooth and glowing complexion.

Ylang Ylang helps to preserve a youthful glow.

Lime oil is a powerful antioxidant that positively affects mood.

Our Candles are available to purchase in person or by email / phone.

  • INFOXICATED CANDLES 30cl: £25.00

Call / email us to order now.


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Opening Times

Monday – Friday
Main menu from 12 noon

Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast 9am – 11.30am
Main menu from 12 noon

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The Square, Hale road,
Hale Barns, Cheshire.
WA15 8ZN

0161 980 3000